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Self-Insured & Self-Administered Groups Third Party Administrators Brokers Unions Reinsurance, Stop-Loss Carriers Workers Compensation Carriers Local Governments & School Divisions Unions Self-Insured & Self-Administered Groups

Saving Money and Improving Accuracy For All

At Beacon HCI, we offer claim compliance review services for a wide range of clients, including:

  • Self-Insured & Self-Administered Groups
  • Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
  • Brokers
  • Unions
  • Reinsurance & Stop-Loss Carriers
  • Workers’ Compensation Carriers
  • Local Governments & School Divisions

Our team of experts uses cutting-edge software and their deep knowledge of medical billing and coding to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in medical claims. This can save our clients money and improve the accuracy of their claims processing.

How Beacon HCI Can Serve Your Organization

Beacon HCI gives you peace of mind knowing that your claims are being reviewed by the experts.

Beacon HCI is a trusted partner for claim compliance review services, and we are committed to helping you save money, improve your claims processing, and reduce risk.

Save Money

We help clients save money on their medical claims by identifying and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse. This can save money for self-insured groups, TPAs, union groups, municipal groups, reinsurance and stop-loss carriers, and workers’ compensation carriers.

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Our Claim Compliance Review services can help clients improve the accuracy and efficiency of their claims processing. This can lead to faster claim payments, reduced administrative costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduce Risk

Our services can help clients reduce their risk of compliance violations. Beacon HCI’s team of experts is up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes, and they can help clients ensure that their claims are processed in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

WHo We Serve 

Self-Insured & Self-Administered Groups

All self-insured groups seek to reduce medical expenses and premiums, but don’t want to decrease benefits. Healthcare costs are a major financial pressure for companies and unions. Most of the time, costs rise while benefits decrease. You work hard to fight that tide, and you deserve a knowledgeable partner that can help reverse that trend. Our pre-pay cost-containment model creates a reliable way to be confident your group is only paying for what it should. In the process, we can save millions in waste if you utilize our pre-pay services, or we can attempt to recoup the over-billing in post-pay fashion, but it is always better to be in control of your group’s money and not fighting to recoup it.

Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

TPAs and claims processors shoulder a huge load in our health insurance system. It is their responsibility to process trillions of dollars in payments each year and to get claims reviewed in a timely fashion.

Beacon HCI will work to eliminate the coding and billing errors from the providers and avoid over-payment and make sure the claims are true & accurate.

You have worked hard to reduce your clients’ medical costs, protected your clients and their employees, and formed valuable relationships. That is why choosing the right hospital bill compliance review company is crucial. Repricing of medical bills is not enough and algorithmic programs are incapable of a comprehensive compliance analysis that ensures all charges comply with federal regulations. Simply reducing the costs is not the full savings and will miss millions of dollars in ineligible charges each year.

We believe your hospital bill compliance review partner should help and support you, not hurt you. They should make you look good, reduce prior-to-pay mistakes, decrease the need to recover overcharges, ensure compliance, and honor your hard-earned relationships with hospitals. They should help you accomplish your goals, all while remaining flexible.


Visualize how your prospects and clients will react when you reveal they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by having Beacon HCI review their medical claims for erroneous overcharges. By partnering with Beacon HCI, you can provide unique, value-added services to new prospects, and introduce innovative cost-saving benefits to help retain your current clients. This creates a tremendous opportunity for you to gain credibility with, and the respect of, your clients and prospects.


Because health insurance coverage in the United States largely is employment-based, there is substantial interest among labor unions to evaluate the extent, quality, and types of health coverage provided in the workplace. In particular, through the collective bargaining process, unions have placed increasingly greater emphasis on health coverage. As a result, many unions have begun to self-administer their health plans because it gives them full control over plan administration, provides faster and better member services, and potentially provides significant long-term savings. While this arrangement may deliver these outcomes, the structure requires unions to employ administrators who may not be experienced enough to handle all the complications associated with reviewing and processing healthcare claims. This is where Beacon HCI can help.

Reinsurance & Stop-Loss Carriers

A medical claims review by Beacon HCI involves scrutinizing medical bills to ensure their accuracy to help reinsurers avoid becoming another billing error statistic. An effective claim review notes all line items billed and removes any mistaken amounts the reinsurer would have paid, thereby saving the reinsurance company, and the insured group, thousands of dollars—or more.

Workers Compensation Carriers

Worker’s Compensation claims are some of the most involved and detailed claims. They often times involve serious injuries, lengthy hospital stays, stop-loss coverage and more.

You deserve a partner that will see the entire process through and shares your passion.

State-mandated workers compensation insurance fills an important need for workers, and for all the right reasons. Workers Compensation providers have to navigate multiple facets of reimbursement, types of insurance, client management, and have to step in to help employees get the care they need.

Beacon’s ability to process claims of all sizes and review medical records that are often times over 1,000 pages allows for us to understand the entire picture of every claim and accurately assess the Hospital and stop-loss bills your clients receive.

Insurance carriers also face their own level of financial burdens with the rising cost of hospital claims. We want to help reduce that burden. Beacon’s Compliance Analysis will reduce the financial burdens for all involved.

Local Governments & School Divisions

In this inflationary environment, it is more important than ever to reduce operating costs for governments and school divisions. Furthermore, it is important to maintain a high quality of life for employees since it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire and retain competent, experienced employees. Few environments have felt the impact as severely as local governments and school divisions. These entities have difficulty competing with private businesses and corporations when it comes to wages. However, the benefits offered by local governments and school divisions are often cited as an area where these positions have an advantage. There is one significant area where Beacon HCI can help local governments and school divisions maintain that edge…controlling and reducing the premiums and expenses of health insurance for individual employees and government entities.

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