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What We Offer

Hospital Claim Compliance Analysis

Itemized Statement & Medical Record Review

Full Service Medical Billing

How You Benefit

Save Time and Money

Reduce Billing Errors

Improve Accuracy of Claims

Hospital Claim Compliance

Our analysis tools are applied on a pre-pay or post-payment basis, and we will provide an explanation of review of all ineligible charges for each claim.

Itemized Statement & Medical Record Review

We apply federal compliance regulations and billing guidelines to each line item of the UB-04 and the detailed Itemized Statement.

Full-Service Medical Billing

We specialize in working with home care agencies, sole practitioners, group medical practices, specialists, and hospital-managed practices to ensure your medical billing needs are met efficiently and accurately.

Who We Serve

Beacon HCI works with a wide range of clients.

Self-Insured & Self-Administered Groups

Third Party Administrators (TPAs)



Reinsurance & Stop-Loss Carriers

Workers Compensation Carriers

Local Governments & School Divisions

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