You fought for your country. You shouldn't have to fight for your healthcare.

VA Medical Billing Issues | Medical Bill & Coding Review


You should never have to worry.

A veteran should never have to worry about, or fight for, his or her healthcare. You served your country well, and now your country should be taking care of you. But so often, veterans find themselves with unexpected medical bills not covered by the VA. If that is deserve a personal advocate. You deserve a battle buddy that will help you fight to get your financial liability covered or reduced, minimize your time and stress in wading through this ordeal, help you understand your patient rights, and remove obstacles from receiving care in the future.

We come from a family of veterans. We love our service members. Not only do we have an enduring passion for seeing you well cared for, but we also invented the billing advocacy industry.



We'll do the work.

Before you pay a dime, let our team review your uncovered medical bills. Often, a trip to the emergency room or other vital service leaves you vulnerable and helpless, saddling you with crippling financial responsibilities.

Contact us about any hospital bill. We'll do the work: We'll help determine who is actually responsible for the bill, ensure fair and reasonable pricing, and get to work as your advocate. We've got a track record of helping veterans fight for their patient rights and clarify misunderstandings between healthcare providers that leave you holding the bag.

You'll know that you have a team that will fight for the best possible outcome, either reducing or eliminating your costs.