Pat Palmer

Co-Founder & CEO

Pat Palmer | MedExpense Solutions CEO

PAT PALMER has an undeniable passion for protecting people from costly medical billing errors. She has seen the practical impact these errors can have on businesses and everyday folks like you and me...and she has devoted decades of strategic development to addressing these problems at the root level.

Pat is an inspirational leader who identifies violations in medical billing practices and inspires others to take action. Respected as a credible voice in medical bill advocacy, Pat earns her title dubbed by the media “the Robin Hood of Medical Billing” wherever she goes. 

Currently, as CEO of Beacon, Pat oversees strategic development to support a truly global cost containment service for healthcare payers.   

Previously, as President of two former companies she established in the 90’s, she pioneered the existence of medical bill advocacy that is prevalent in the healthcare industry today. 

With her prior companies Pat performed intensive research of Federal Regulations & Billing Guidelines to detect fraudulent and abusive billing by providers and identified sources and supporting evidence based on analysis of charges of billing violations. Pat has submitted reports to government committees and state groups related to "Hospital Bill Overcharges".  Pat has designed database programs, procedural codes, and implementation stages to identify overcharges.  She has developed numerous education and training manuals, workbooks, and other material related to healthcare compliant billing practices. She has reviewed and analyzed legislation, laws, and public policy, to increase and support the identification of non-compliant billing practices.  Pat has conducted professional seminars, classes, and workshops to teach corporations, insurance carriers, individuals, and attorneys techniques and methods to obtain Fair & Accurate charges from healthcare providers. 

Pat has been happily married for 43 years and has two beautiful daughters that inherited her passion 20 years ago to try and “Right the Wrong” in our healthcare system. She also has two grandchildren that she says is her reason for living.