Candice Butcher

Co-Founder & President

Candice Butcher

CANDICE BUTCHER intuitively recognizes opportunity for cost savings in the healthcare industry and brings them to life.  She is respected as a decisive and credible voice in finding strategic cost containment services for patients. 

Currently, as President of Beacon, Candice develops cutting-edge educational products, services, and training programs tailored to medical cost solutions. She has an excellent track record of accomplishments that include accreditations from AAPC on previous educational training manuals. 

Previously, as Vice President of two former companies, Candice served a leadership role across the entire healthcare continuum – providers, payers, and customers.  She led innovative initiatives to build top-performing programs.  

Candice resides in Salem, Va. and has two beautiful children, Hannah and Logan.  She enjoys planning family activities and spending quality time with her children and family.