Navigate the complexity of our healthcare system with LumenEx

Technology has come a long way in recent years.  The leaps and bounds that are felt in most all industries have advantages and disadvantages that coincide with technology itself.  We have developed a proprietary automated software, LumenEx, that will enhance your company’s bottom line with a detailed line by line compliance review on all hospital bills that your company receives.

Hospital Bill Errors

Medical Billing errors happen every day all across the country.   Charges are placed on accounts for services and/or items that are not billable or performed.  A wide variety of situations can arise causing non-billable charges that should not be on a hospital bill.

Our proprietary compliance analysis approach can be a valuable tool for your company saving you thousands of dollars, negating the hassle of an auditing process that would be costly and time consuming and involve medical records. 


No company should have to go it alone with regards to handling hospital billing errors that are prevalent in today’s healthcare industry. With the right people on your team you can protect your clients and employees.  We work hard to bring you the knowledge to care for the people who make your company what it is.  As a team player invested in helping you thrive, we understand that this can have a huge impact on your company’s financial state.  We’d like to take that worry away and let you put the focus where it should be.

Who we work with

We work with worker’s compensation carriers to enforce true and accurate pricing with state compensation programs that are offered to employees.  This ensures that state workers get the care they need at the price that is fair and reasonable.  We work to ensure that all healthcare payers are billed true and accurate charges.  Insurance carriers face their own financial burdens, as billing errors continue to happen despite best efforts.  We partner with Third Party Administrators to add value and increase savings.  Our software, LumenEx, works to reduce the costs of unnecessary and inappropriate hospital bill charges.  We put this right at your fingertips with an outstanding team of customer service representatives to back it up!  

LumenEx will bring you the knowledge, partnership and skills you need to keep your company on track. We work hard to give you the tools you need to create a successful platform for your company’s financial success while caring for those who support you the most, your employees!