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Automated hospital Bill analysis Software


Save time and money without sacrifice.

Our Compliance Analysis system is a web-based platform designed and implemented by a team of experts, each having analyzed and immersed themselves in federal regulations and billing guidelines for decades. Beacon’s system, LumenEx, performs a forensic analysis on multiple levels that other software systems just simply do not. A true analysis cannot be efficiently accomplished without the automated technology and professional evaluation that includes both the UB-04 and the detailed itemized statement. LumenEx incorporates all levels of review to maximize cost savings.

With this software solution, you are empowered with the information to reject erroneous and non-compliant charges. All of this power at your fingertips, customized specifically for your needs, delivering results directly to you...it may seem to good to be true...but this is the real deal.


But don't worry. We are behind you 100%.

Our team has taken the greatest care in providing a revolutionary, one-of-kind software solution to effectively and efficiently automate medical billing review. But you deserve more than that.

That is why our team is focused on supporting you. We listen to your needs and customize your software to provide practical, useful solutions tailored to your group. We stand behind our software and are happy to provide any and all support you need to get up-and-running, should you run into any issues.

Let's get to work automating your medical bill review so you can focus on your bottom line and save money for your company.